Outbreak Island

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Tiny Magicians

Survive on a remote Island, where a mysterious Outbreak awakens bloodthirsty monsters at night. Craft, build and defend your base in the brutal world of Outbreak Island, an open-world sandbox survival horror game.

After mysterious events occurred on the Island ░░░░░░░, most of its population disappeared without a trace, while the rest have undergone irreversible changes in the course of mutation.

You arrive on the Island to investigate what is happening, but when you realise there is no turning back, all you can do is Survive.

Outbreak on the Island

Each night, an outbreak of radioactive energy paints the sky in an ominous green colour, turning the Island's electricity on. This allows you to use the remaining infrastructure of the Island: build shelters and set up resource production in factories and sawmills.

Night also gives you access to multi-level underground labs full of bloodthirsty monsters and valuable loot. Build and enhance weapons and equipment, upgrade your skills, and get ready for battle!

Night Raids - Defend your Shelter

Build and fortify your own base to withstand the attack of uninvited guests. Once a week, a mysterious Surge takes place on the Island: with sirens howling, the Outbreak turns the colour of blood and hordes of monsters head for your territory to cause trouble.

Prepare to engage in an unequal battle! You have several weapon types, booby traps, and even turrets at your disposal.

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Survive in an open sandbox world

While food resources are scarce, master new skills such as Farming, Gathering and Hunting. Combine ingredients into culinary recipes, and provide yourself with everything you need to survive for a long time.

You have a fully open world of 20km² to explore, full of diverse locations with picturesque landscapes. Fuel up your vehicle, stock up on supplies, and embark on a perilous journey through the uncharted terrain of the Island!

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