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Hive5 Interactive

Welcome to Vivaland, your escape from the hectic life to a charming small town that grows with you! Play solo or online co-op with up to 8 friends!

Craft characters (we call them Vivas’) with distinct personalities and create the story of their lives. Whether you're running a zero-waste coffee spot on the ground floor of your house, cultivating a vegetable garden on your rooftop, or making a living through your musical talents, you can contribute to the lively and green ecosystem at the heart of your town!

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Develop your Vivas’ talents and careers to unlock new possibilities for the whole town!

  • Start your culinary career by opening a zero-waste coffee spot on the ground floor of your house, a vegan cakery in your backyard, or even a full fledged restaurant. It's up to you what kind of chef you want to be!
  • Try your hand at farming with a vegetable garden on your rooftop or print meat in your kitchen! Cook delicious meals from your harvest or sell them to townies and trendy local brunch places.
  • The town needs an engineer to function! Repair the locals’ cars & machines, invent useful or quirky gadgets for the community, or just have fun being a crazy scientist.
  • Music connects us all. As a musician, you can form a band with Viva friends and play at a café or hide away from the public eye and perform in your own garden.

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